Beatriz Hernández is a Canarian designer whose life has been dedicated to the fascinating world of fashion. Her style is characterized by the use of decorative elements, which has earned her designs the name “Embellishments”.
Beatriz Hernández’s designs are truly unique thanks to the incorporation of beads, rhinestones, hand-painted fabrics, and Canarian lacework. These decorative elements give life and personality to each garment she creates, giving it a special and distinguished touch.
In her work, Beatriz incorporates a wide variety of techniques and complements her designs with unique accessories, resulting in fresh and original creations. Her goal is to make each design magical and special, ensuring that the children who wear them feel unique and special.
In conclusion, Beatriz Hernández is a talented and passionate designer whose dedication to fashion and ability to create unique and memorable designs have made her a reference in the world of Canarian fashion.
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