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Your perfect wedding on a perfect island, Fuerteventura.


No detail is too small or unimportant to us.

We organize, produce and decorate your wedding in a personalized way, to your liking and of course adjusted to your budget, always looking for innovation, and that every detail makes a difference.

We are professionals who believe that a wedding organized and/or decorated by professionals is noticeable, and this is perceived by the guests.



We offer unique wedding venues such as hotels, villas, restaurants, gardens, and beaches.

In our florist shop, we have a wide selection of flowers for you to choose from that best suit your preferences and style.

We have a team of beauty and hair stylists who will advise you on skincare and hair preparation, so you can have a 100% natural makeup look and impeccable hairstyle.

We work with specialized suppliers who offer a wide range of catering options, from vegan to Japanese cuisine, and we customize the menu according to your taste and wedding style.

Our pastry chefs are experts in creating personalized and unique cakes for each couple. From the flavor to the design, we ensure that every detail meets your expectations and reflects your personality and wedding style.

When it comes to lighting, we work with a variety of equipment to create a magical and cozy atmosphere. Lastly, our team of photographers and videographers will capture every detail and emotion of your day to tell your story with great detail.

We offer a team of the best DJs and live music professionals, as well as a master of ceremonies who will craft a personalized and emotional speech to ensure you enjoy every moment to the fullest.

We have a wide variety of cars for the bride and groom, and we can also arrange transportation for your guests.



E&W Fuerteventura has carried out and/or continues to carry out many weddings, but here are some of the links that we are proud to have been able to assist in carrying out, organizing, and personally witnessing


Elopement Wedding

We provide elopement wedding services, offering an intimate and personalized option for couples who desire a unique and authentic marriage experience. We offer the opportunity to get married in a beautiful and symbolic location, with the freedom to design and control every aspect of the ceremony.

What is it about?

The term “elopement” historically referred to a young couple running away to get married because their families did not approve of their union. Over time, the concept of elopement has evolved, and elopement weddings were often chosen for reasons of practicality or financial considerations.


A “Elopement Wedding” is when a couple decides to get married without the presence of anyone else. Typically, in this type of wedding, there are witnesses, a photographer to capture their union, and an officiant to conduct the ceremony. It is an intimate and often private event where the focus is solely on the couple and their commitment to each other. Nowadays, they don’t do it for financial reasons or because their families disapprove of their union, but simply because they want to focus on what really matters, love, and avoid all the organization that a wedding entails.

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